City, service club share money

The Plantation City Council approved the continued use of a program garnering revenue from bus benches around town, conducted by the Plantation Woman’s Club.

  Plantation Woman’s Club meeting minutes of Aug. 28, 1959, show the club discussed a plan that would provide a way for bus patrons in Plantation to be comfortable by having benches to sit on rather than standing to wait for a bus.  They also saw a way to make money for the club as a not-for-profit organization by sponsoring these public benches on right-of-ways in conjunction with Ace Advertising that paid the club monthly.  By Oct. 29, 1959, the club had entered into an agreement with Ace advertising and had received $36 profit for advertising.

Over the next 63 years the project enabled bus riders in Plantation to have a measure of comfort at no cost to the city. Contracts with various advertising agencies over the years created a public/private working relationship that has helped both the city and the club.

      A minimum of 68 percent of revenues goes back to the city. The club noted that in 2021, $54,780 went to Plantation or city functions. That includes $36,500 to update the fire department media room, $7,500 for a police trailer, $2,500 for “Rock the Park” concerts and $5,000 in city sponsorships (Independence Day, Light up City Hall and Back to School.)

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