China market has tanked, so we must adjust

As many of you know, our city is going to have to decide about recycling. We used to sell our recyclables to China, but the bottom has dropped out of the market. And Plantation is not the only municipality that’s going to have to rethink its recycling policy.
This recent article in the Sun-Sentinel spells it out:
One consultant suggests building our own Broward County recycling plant, which could cost more than $1 billion – if municipalities such as Plantation buy in. There might be a Jan. 20 deadline for cities to decide, and before any votes are taken, there are mountains of data to study. It’s one more thing candidates need to be educated on.

We need to recycle, but do it in a method that doesn’t cost residents too much. The article above is a possibility, but we gotta, gotta see the math before committing. I would encourage the mayor to direct the staff members with the most expertise to give us the options. I also would consult with the two young mayoral candidates because they have shown creative ideas in this area.

Ideas welcomed.