Welcome to my site. The buttons at the top give you more detail on my priorities and my background. I’d also like to point out the Nick’s Notes segment. I am using that as a blog-like device. This site had been my campaign page and I am now keeping it and will convert it into a page to serve the residents. (That process might take awhile, and take some tweaks. Be patient.)
Thanks to all of those who voted for me. Our city is in a time of transition and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

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Welcome to my site. The buttons at the top give you more detail on my priorities and my background. I’d also like to point out the Nick’s Notes segment. I am using that as a blog-like device. So far, I have filed my thoughts about the recent Market on University explosion, 10 topics in Plantation, social media, sober homes, my experience taking the Plantation Citizens’ Police Academy course, and others.
The slogan for my campaign was MOVE FORWARD, and that had multiple meanings. I think we can move forward in many aspects of our city just by raising our expectations and refocusing our resources. I also am helping the council move forward given my ability to see problems as they are developing and cut them off at the pass.
 Our city is in a time of transition. Our longtime mayor has retired and three of us are new on the council. I am delighted to be a fresh face with a bright mind and a great heart.

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Latest from Nick

$2.9M in county money brings road resurfacing

Lauderdale West among areas to be repaved(Photo above is for item No. 2.)Some bonus road repaving is coming to Plantation, thanks to money from the county.The city is obtaining $2.7 million via the Broward County Penny for Transportation Surtax that voters...

Council meeting notes: How we plan to reopen

 Balancing public safety with a return to normal  The city council met again Wednesday, May 13, and there’s really only one topic to discuss. Blue bags. (Just kidding.) CAO Jason Nunemaker gave councilmembers an update related to Covid-19: Reopening...

Chief Harrison’s mask advice: “Use common sense”

You really can't go wrong keeping your mask onI had a conversation with Plantation Police Chief Howard Harrison this week.The topic? Masks. His policy? COMMON SENSE.As Plantation took the first step to reopening after the Covid-19 virus, the most prevalent...

City finances, staff are in good shape

City in good shape, fiscally and physically While news reports document the financial troubles other cities are facing, we are good so far in Plantation.Chief Administrative Officer Jason Nunemaker updated councilmembers on the city’s finances at an April...

Earth Day 50th! How to celebrate (and keep kids busy)

Earth Day: Plant watermelons, or learn via videosThere’s a big anniversary coming up on Wednesday, April 22. It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The five decades of Earth Day have brought about school projects worldwide and a desire from the public to...

Parks study (before coronavirus) weighs city offerings

Parks study sets path for Plantation  First, the basics: Plantation residents want a bathroom available when they visit their local park. And they want shade. That said, they’re generally happy with parks in Plantation, according to a recent study...

City virtual meeting includes proposal to help businesses

Virtual meeting includes aid discussion Here are some updates on public safety, city operations and an idea to help our city. The Plantation City Council held a workshop Wednesday, April 1 -- a workshop means we gathered to talk about ideas but took no...

No special election for Hyatt’s seat

City Attorney Kerry Ezrol spelled out his interpretation of the city charter and I really don’t see much for interpretation. We are leaving the city council seat vacated by Mark Hyatt open until the Nov. 3 election. The charter states that a special...

The week in snapshots: 8 items related to Plantation

Schools, civic activities and a little bit of funI was fortunate to see plenty of Plantation the past few days, with official events, meetings and some things that were a mixture of work and play.Actually, things started last Friday, Feb. 7, when I...

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