Welcome to my site. The buttons at the top give you more detail on my priorities and my background. I’d also like to point out the Nick’s Notes segment. I am using that as a blog-like device. This site had been my campaign page and I am now keeping it and will convert it into a page to serve the residents. (That process might take awhile, and take some tweaks. Be patient.)
Thanks to all of those who voted for me. Our city is in a time of transition and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

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Welcome to my site. The buttons at the top give you more detail on my priorities and my background. I’d also like to point out the Nick’s Notes segment. I am using that as a blog-like device. So far, I have filed my thoughts about the recent Market on University explosion, 10 topics in Plantation, social media, sober homes, my experience taking the Plantation Citizens’ Police Academy course, and others.
The slogan for my campaign was MOVE FORWARD, and that had multiple meanings. I think we can move forward in many aspects of our city just by raising our expectations and refocusing our resources. I also am helping the council move forward given my ability to see problems as they are developing and cut them off at the pass.
 Our city is in a time of transition. Our longtime mayor has retired and three of us are new on the council. I am delighted to be a fresh face with a bright mind and a great heart.

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A city’s challenges aren’t always unique; comparing notes

League of Cities experts help city leaders address problems There are 412 towns, cities, villages, etc., in Florida, and many of us have the same challenges. So it’s a good idea to compare notes.I did that earlier this month, as I attended the Florida League of Cities...

El Dorado, Plantation Isles drainage work approved

Plantation Isles, El Dorado, Royal Palm among drainage approvals  Funding for five much-needed drainage projects was approved at the city council’s meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 14.  The neighborhoods are Plantation Isles ($1.3 million), El Dorado Estates...

School, charter review and guns

Buses will be rolling Don’t get faked out Monday morning when you see school buses traversing through Plantation: It’s the annual test run of their routes. School starts Wednesday. And a reminder that I am encouraging everyone to become a school volunteer. Go to...

How to improve Plantation schools? Hard work

Working on schools: Starting with these threeI am delighted to announce a new initiative to improve three Plantation schools and the engine that will make it work is … you!I’m asking everyone – regardless of what skills they possess – to go to...

Plantation mall explosion: some thoughts

I’ve held off on commenting on Saturday’s explosion in Plantation because so many outlets have communicated information; you haven’t been starved for stuff to read. Now, as we are a few days later, I’m sharing some thoughts and information.What are your...

Projects from $60 million bond accelerating

Chief administrative officer Jason Nunemaker provided an update on the projects from the $60 million bond voters approved in November 2016. Terms of the bond dictate that 85 percent of the moneys be “obligated” to projects within three years. Nunemaker thinks we’ll...

City approves police contract

Officer pay now ranks in the middle of county The city council approved a new contract for Plantation Police Wednesday night, bringing a feeling of relief among both parties. Most importantly the new contract brings officers’ salaries into the middle of the pack when...

Hacker risk explains Plantation city e-mail challenges

(There's a point to this photo. Read all the way to the end.)I’d like to use this news item about the city of Riviera Beach and computer hackers culling $600,000 from them to explain why communication isn’t as easy as you think in our city.Basically,...

Yes, we (and others) care about State Road 7

Meeting Thursday on 'Plantation Gateway'Those of us who have been here for a few decades know that State Road 7/U.S. 441 has changed greatly. The northern retirees seeking sunshine have moved farther west, and leaders of municipalities stretching from...

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