It’s unanimous: All 9 organizations

endorse Nick Sortal for city council



He listens. He leads.

No one works harder.


 The vetting process for Plantation City Council Group 5 is unanimous: Every single organization that offered an endorsement chose incumbent Nick Sortal.
  The groups are diverse and varied: the Sierra Club, Hispanic Vote, Women’s March Broward, the Broward Teachers Union, Broward/Palm Beach Realtors, Plantation Police FOP 42, Plantation EMS 3080 and groups representing young voters and the LGBTQ+ community.
  Sortal is one of the few elected officials to participate in the Broward Water and Climate Academy, learning about environmental issues in our county. He also has worked to improve our city’s relationship with schools, reviving the Education Advisory Board, which has meant more conversations between school principals and the city.
 He shares a regular newsletter on Facebook, NextDoor and
 “I hit the ground running after my election in November 2018 and I haven’t stopped,” Sortal said. Check the Blog segment for activities and updates from his two years.
Sortal serves on the city’s Employee Pension Board and he works one-on-one with our residents almost daily, helping them through the city maze (something he wants to improve). Questions about water bills, bad neighbors (another priority), cracked sidewalks (call Public Works) and public safety (always call the police, they want to hear from you).
 “You placed your trust in me in November 2018 and I haven’t forgotten that. Every single day. This job has me fascinated, consumed, addicted and enamored with making a city I love even better. Please support me and allow me the privilege to continue in public service.”

For city business, contact Nick at or 954-498-5337. His personal email is

An informed city makes us a better city.



I hit the ground running after my election to Plantation City Council Group 5 in November 2018 and I have not stopped.

And now that I’ve been re-elected via the November 2020 election, I expect to be serving residents the next four years. For those who don’t know me, welcome! There’s plenty about me on the links at the top of the page.

My activities have been an open book: I keep the public informed about what is going on in our city through a newsletter.

So, what is there to tell? I’ve worked hard to improve our city’s relationship with our schools. I learn the best practices by meeting with leaders of other cities, and talk often with other leaders. 

And most satisfying, I enjoy working one-on-one with our residents almost daily, answering questions about water bills, cracked sidewalks and public safety..

I go to every public event possible, for a first-hand look at residents’ concerns. That means school award ceremonies, organizations such as the Plantation Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis and, very importantly, neighborhood groups and HOAs.

Moving forward, I will push for economic aid for small businesses and residents as we recover from Covid-19, urge modernization of our city website for water billing and permitting and tighten code enforcement.
You placed your trust in me — twice! — and I will not forget that. Every single day.

This job has me fascinated, consumed, addicted and enamored with making a city I love even better.

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Contact Nick with city concerns at or 954-498-5337. His personal email is