My outlook, my demeanor is vital to Plantation

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I will do when in office. I have been keeping a file of ideas, tweaks and policies that are consistent with my values and what I think is best for the city.

To get a good read, simply look back at my past four years as a city council member.

I’ll keep the momentum this council has built toward stopping random development. The last three projects before us have either been outright rejected or scaled back, stopping the runaway growth prior councils, including our current mayor, were a part of in the past decade.

And I’ll bring my positive outlook and attitude, one that encourages our more than 800 city employees, rather than denigrates them. I understand the difference between minor bumps and major problems in our city, and I’ll react (or not) accordingly. I believe “there’s always a way” — that comes from coaching, reporting and being a parent — and that mindset will filter from my office into every crevice of our operation.

After I’m elected, I’ll keep a free flowing dialogue with the public, and I’ll expand on that by creating office hours where you can go online and schedule a visit with me. I’ll probably have a brown-bag lunch with employees: They give me ideas and I bounce some of my ideas off of them. Best idea wins, I don’t care who provides it.

That outgoing nature of mine also serves us well in intergovernmental relations. I have gotten to know school board members, state representatives, state legislators, county commissioners, fellow city leaders and all kinds of people in between. One of my best skills as a journalist was “working the room.” I think you can see how that makes for more effective leadership.

I’ll be the person many of you have gotten to know in recent years, someone with a level head and a knack for gathering every speck of information possible before making the big decisions.

In short, I’ll be a mayor you’ll be proud of, and I’ll serve our city well. I can’t tell you how eager I am to get started. So, please Pick Nick by Nov. 8.