You really can’t go wrong keeping your mask on

I had a conversation with Plantation Police Chief Howard Harrison this week.

The topic? Masks.

 His policy?


As Plantation took the first step to reopening after the Covid-19 virus, the most prevalent questions from residents has been about the city’s policy, and enforcement, regarding masks. I heard many of them first-hand during my inaugural Zoom Open Forum Monday night. (More on that later.)

 State and county executive orders have stated a requirement for masks. But there are exceptions, such as religious reasons or for children under 2.

“You need a scoresheet to keep up with it,” Chief Harrison says. Our Plantation residents have done a good job, generally, Chief Harrison says, but I went through some cases with him:

 You’re jogging in the middle of a park, by yourself. No mask.

 You’re waiting for takeout food, with other people nearby. Wear a mask.

 You’re on a walk with other family members, who have been at your house for weeks. No mask.

 You walk past or through a crowd. Either give them at least six feet or put your mask on.

  There’s also the question we have of calling police if we see violations. We don’t want to be tattletales, but we also don’t want the Coronavirus to spread. So if it looks like the situation is breaking up, don’t bother. But if you see a restaurant with tables outside and customers on top of each other, by all means call. Same goes for those young adults having a touch football game in your park. By the way, the non-emergency numbers is 954-797-2100, which I suggest everyone have programmed into their phone and marked PLANTATION POLICE.

Open forums Monday

 Like I said, discussing masks brought out likely the most animated discussion during a discussion I hosted on Zoom Monday night. I’ve decided I’m going to host an Open Forum at 7 p.m. each Monday until the quarantine is lifted. It’s a good way for you out there in the public to communicate your thoughts with someone in the city (me) and maybe you’ll make a new friend or two.

  So email with the word Open Forum in the subject line and I’ll send you the Zoom invite on the Sunday before each Monday meeting. I’d like to keep the groups to maybe 15 so people can have plenty of time to talk. Besides, what the heck else are you doing?

  Nick Sortal is president of the Plantation City Council. This newsletter originates on and is shared via social media platforms.