For those who want to just see the documents, I created this post. Click on each photo to enlarge it and make it more readable.

Mayor Stoner raised her car allowance and didn’t reveal it

Here is a document that shows Lynn Stoner was warned to consult council before increasing her car allowance. (Click on it to enlarge.)

Go to the 1:36 mark of this meeting and hear the conversation, led by councilmember Denise Horland.

Added upper management in violation of our charter

Here is the report from the Office of the Inspector General

Carried a 38 percent approval rating

Fostered an atmosphere of fear and bullying

Failed to evaluate department heads as required

Let $1.1 million in state funding lapse and didn’t reveal it

Watch the video at about the 1:14 mark. Council member Denise Horland notes that money to build Fire Station 1 is no longer there. In this meeting, on Sept. 18, 2019, she notes that the state money expired back on July 1.

My other post has the full details. Go to