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Mayor Lynn Stoner requested that council members provide some initiatives at the Dec. 12 meeting. I thought this was a very good idea. (i.e.: “OK, you got elected, now what do you want to do?”).

Here are the initiatives I propose the council works on in the coming year:

  • Improve communication of city events, city changes in policy and opportunities for involvement through use of all means of communication available.
  • Find ways to improve the process for residents who want to make home and landscaping changes. This could involve better communication, more clearly written codes, employee education or technology. I do not know the answer, just that we need to find ways to improve.
  • Ensure that our employees know they are valued and listen for ways we can help them do their jobs better.
  • Develop better external relationships, with our schools, our neighboring municipalities and county and state government.
  • Encourage advancement of all community policing programs and get residents to put the non-emergency number of 954-797-2100 into their phone.
  • Continue to replenish our reserves and continue our conservative economic policies.
  • Help businesses, both new and old and large and small, to succeed.
  • Continue to help shape Midtown as the city’s entertainment center, while balancing growth with traffic concerns.

The above comprises the top layer of my ideas. Of course, there are other, less sweeping goals and tasks to take on, as well as initiatives from the mayor and my fellow council members. But I thought I’d share what I’m thinking as my term is beginning.