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Message from the new mayor: Three priorities

By Nick Sortal
Plantation Mayor

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about this city I love. I was elected mayor of Plantation on Nov. 8, 2022, and sworn in on Nov. 18.

I am honored you picked me to lead the city for the next four years. I moved here in 1993, raised my children here and in 2018 became a city council member. These past four years have given me an up-close view of our city’s needs.
I’ve also been studying other cities and keeping a computer file of ideas, both big and small. I’ll weigh when to explore each one but I’d like to use this space today to share my thoughts on three vital components that I think are important to residents:

Public safety
I ask residents to punch in their phones, 954-797-2100, and mark it “Plantation Police.” That’s the city’s non-emergency number. Our police department has been effective in reaching out to residents, but we need your help if you see something. Your call can help deter a crime.
There also has been a recent spike in vacation rental party homes. Granted, some owners are good people and are responsible. But too many homes are becoming nightmares to their neighbors. I want to better coordinate code enforcement, police, and Planning and Zoning to make for the tightest rules on party homes.
I’m very comfortable with how our fire department and our emergency medical services are formatted. I am especially impressed with how our fire department works on fire prevention. We have fewer fires now than we used to and they get a big chunk of the credit for that.

I’m honest, open and communicate with residents. And I know how to listen.
When there is a challenge, I will step forward and tell the community what is happening. As a former journalist, I am trained to study all sides of an issue before making a decision. I have made acquaintances with other government leaders and we learn from each other. I will work with council members to get their priorities accomplished.
I will bring new energy and attitude to City Hall, and we will attract talented employees. This will provide our residents with very good customer service. We will keep working to improve the ways residents are informed, including how we deploy social media.

During the past year, and especially during the campaign, council members heard residents’ views that they want to slow down housing development. The message is clear. As mayor, I will vet the projects first. If I think a proposal is overreaching, I will ask it to be reworked before it gets pushed along to planning and zoning and then to the city council.
That said, when I do have a proposal I think is worthwhile, I will explain why.
I will put the brakes on development, but no one can say we will have zero development. We need to balance the affordable housing challenge, for example, with traffic and residents’ wishes. I’ll work to ensure any development is thoughtful, controlled, and in harmony with the city we love.

E-mail Nick Sortal at NSortal@Plantation.org.