Thanks to those who voted for me, Nick Sortal for Plantation City Council 

What can you do?

Provide us with your email address. I’ll send out reminders (usually fewer than one per week), which, yes, are in my best interest, but also will keep you informed on issues going on in the city. You’ll be a better resident for it, because – even if you disagree with me – you’ll know what’s going on.

Donate. Campaign experts say the surest way to lock down a person’s vote is to obtain a donation. Donating is your way of saying, “I’m in.” It’s also my way of sharing with Plantation residents that I have a broad base of supporters behind me. And if I don’t have that broad base, hey, maybe I shouldn’t be elected.

Sign up to vote by mail. Things happen on election day. Someone gets sick, someone’s car breaks, someone gets a nice offer to meet a friend for lunch. Broward County is ditching the term “absentee ballot” in favor of vote by mail – an idea I endorse. And if I know your voting is done, I can spend time delivering my message to potential voters who I may have not yet reached.

Share my campaign via social media and email. Word-of-mouth is the best endorsement, be it restaurants, home repairmen or city councilmen. Voters may not have met me, but they’ve met you.