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How I will govern as mayor

My outlook, my demeanor is vital to PlantationI have spent a lot of time thinking about what I will do when in office. I have been keeping a file of ideas, tweaks and policies that are consistent with my values and what I think is best for the city.To get a good read,...

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Plantation election information

How Plantation races workPlantation residents have a lot at stake on the Nov. 8 ballot.  Starting at the top – I am running for mayor and hope I have your vote as the best choice to lead the city for the next four years.But I want to explain some other...

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How I would tighten up on party houses

We have a growing problem in Plantation: Party homes.The city administration has tried to get the situation under control, but I’ve been listening to residents and the message is clear: We must do more.Plantation should be known as a city that puts our...

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Lynn Stoner’s reign as mayor has been problematic

 Below I spell out the reasons why Lynn Stoner must be replaced as mayor. But I have updated this file with documentation of all the apartments that Lynn Stoner has approved. I'd also like to refer you to (search "election,") which lists...

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My filing on May 19: What it means

Candidates file, but June is when it really happensI am delighted to tell you I’m running for mayor of Plantation! I’ll provide leadership, communication and level-headed decisions. This is a word-of-mouth election. If you think I’m the best candidate,...

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