Nick’s Notes

This is my spot for what everyone else calls a blog. I’ll write my thoughts and ideas on Plantation issues as I see fit.  Have a topic idea? Email me at NSortal@Plantationorg.

From now through Sept. 18, B-U-D-G-E-T is the word

Balancing act: City's needs, financial responsibility The most important job a city council does is handle is how to spend taxpayer money, and a workshop on May 8 started us down the road for 2019-2020. The city’s department heads presented their thoughts...

Plantation: 10 Topics

Although the progress varies, as does our level of success, here’s what our leaders are working on.

State seeking more control

Some issues that could be decided by local governments are instead being handled in Tallahassee.

Plantation roadwork? It’s bike lanes on Peters

County project: Bike lanes on PetersSigns along Pine Island Road and University Drive have been warning us: Construction is coming.The date spelled out is April 22, this Monday, and if you’re like many of the people who have contacted me in recent days,...